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​              July

​Gunthers Crab Salsa.

Salsa $8.00 12oz. Jar 

Crab Pizza

Yield: One 12 inch Pizza


6 ounces - Mozzarella Cheese - Shredded
6 ounces - Gunther's Crab Salsa
4 ounces - Crab Meat Fresh
1 ounce - Red Pepper - Small Dice
1 ounce - Yellow Pepper - Small Dice
1/4 Teaspoon - Oregano Flakes
To taste - Parmesan Cheese - Fine Grate
To taste - Crushed Red Pepper Flakes


Top the pizza crust with Gunther's Crab Salsa. 
Evenly coat the crust with mozzarella cheese, crab meat, oregano flakes, red and yellow peppers. 
In a preheated 400 degree oven place the pizza directly on the oven rack (which has been placed on the middle setting) and bake for 13 to 16 minutes or until the cheese is bubbly and turning golden brown. 
Remove from oven, top with red pepper flakes and parmesan cheese. 
Slice and serve. 

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Recipe of the Month

   Corn Crabcakes

Corn Crabcakes

Drain crabmeat; check for shells. In small bowl, reconstitute air-dried vegetables from mix packet with water or liquid from corn. In large bowl, mix egg, mayonnaise, breadcrumbs from packet, and rehydrated vegetables. Mix well, and stir in fresh or canned corn. Gently fold in crabmeat until well mixed. Form six evenly sized cakes. Place on pan lined with wax paper, and refrigerate for about an hour. Heat butter or oil in frying pan, and gently place cakes in hot pan. Don't turn until nice and brown on one side. Turn, and brown other side. Serves six.


1 lb. lump crabmeat
1 pkg. Chesapeake Crab Cake Mix
¾ c. fresh or canned corn (reserve 1 to 2 tbsp. juice)
1 egg

¼ c. mayonnaise
3 tbsp. butter or oil